I happen to have one of those repetitive and monotonous jobs that more often than not make you fantasize about your own death: I work for a bank. I work in an office where a few hundred people perform mostly brainless tasks for seven or eight hours a day.

One day, I can’t remember what exactly triggered it, I started noticing how some individuals use their creativity to evade reality, if only for a few minutes at a time. The result is sometimes surprising, and predictable others; can be joyous or depressing; it’s always wonderful in it’s own way.

A few weeks ago, showing my brothers some pictures I had taken in my office, he suggested those therapeutical works of art would make a good theme for a blog. This is the direct result of that conversation.

This is a blog devoted to bringing to the light and divulge the unplanned byproduct of todays jobs. A phenomenon that affects all industries and locations. Of course not all jobs are constantly tedious through and through, but only a bunch of precious few jobs are exent of periodical boredom. And it is when boredom kicks in that something beautiful happens: people seek refuge from despair in drawing away, or making unexpected sculptures, writing rhymes… That is the Artwork from the Workplace.

The process starts with kids first experiencing 9 to 5 schedules at school through to their later education. An environment rapidly creates were physical presence is a non-negotiable requisite. From that, ill-conceived jobs combined with HR motivational programmes inevitably lead to the unexpected effect of millions of people around the world working tirelessly on their artistic creations… from 9 to 5 (plus overtime).

This blog is a celebration of some individual’s endevour to make a right out of a wrong. An expression of respect and admiration towards those individuals who manage to “be there” while at the same time being completely absent; retreated into their own minds. Creating beauty. To all of you: thank you for showing the rest of us that there is hope.