In our constant pursue of continual improvement we are now targetting the logo. “But it’s really nice!”, you may say. And indeed it is. As explained before, it was a collaboration from one of our most talented artists. But we now want an even nicer logo, put together by even more artists.

We have had the vision to come up with a new type font: The Workplace, where the letters are put together by yourselves using materials from your workplaces.

Here are some examples of the kind of thing we have in mind:


And now the prize. For every letter we will make a selection of the picture we like the best until we complete a full alphabet. Those of you who sent in the selected works will be invited to a wonderful trip: a wonderful hike* to Valdediós, where the monks there will gladly host and feed you for as long as you like, as one of their bows is “to receive all the hosts coming to the monastery like they were Jesus Christ in person”.

Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Send us some pictures to

*May need to swim depending on your location. En route meals and accomodation not included.