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Today, no email: It has taken way longer than originally promised, and I have to apologise for that. Still, I’m sure you will agree with me that it was something worth waiting for. Without further presentations, here it is for your eyes only:

Dictionary (A-E)

Dictionary (G-J)

Dictionary (L-Q)Dictionary (R-W)

Dictionary (X-Z)

Authors: Mike & Lee, UK.

AWftWP: A tip, letter H is the company where all this talent goes wasted.


From the email:

I worked at a large internet company for a while and one of my employees ( drew stickies of me every few days and stuck them on the sides of my monitor.

The company is still in business, but not nearly at the capacity it once was. It was a fun place to work for a little more than half of the time I was there (first half was good, second half started to get bad). Both myself and Jon were laid off (with about a year or two between hatchet dates), yet the other day we still had drinks at the old bar.



AWftWP: At this point I had to check the story, so following the link provided and searching a bit I found an email address for the maestro himself. Here’s what he had to say about this matter:

Ha! I haven’t thought about those sketches in forever.

Let’s see, Dave and I went to high school together, and we ended up working at the same place. Dave’s ability to suffer gracefully was always his most charming trait, and my ability to be an utter ass was probably mine. So I used to leave those sketches on his monitor whenever he was outside for a cigarette, just for his chagrined grin when he came back in.

Just about all of them had some root in reality, and what appears to be the weirdest one – where Dave is juggling small dogs – well, Dave’s a juggler and his girlfriend at the time had a chihuahua.

Dave and I have since left that company, although we still get together for a drink and a game of pool. I’ll have to remember to leave a post-it note on his cue next time …


Author: Jonathan, USA. Muse: Dave, boss and long-time friend.

AWftWP: And yet another piece that counts with the boss’ blessings. I guess not all workplaces are the same, what can I say…

From the email:

Another bored at work art I did at microsoft.

Time to complete: 1 1/2 weeks

When I started a new job there was only one computer between two employees because the department was brand new and being developed. While my co-worker did his job, I doodled on the dry erase board installed in every cubicle. These photos were taken by my boss when I was done. Note: The knotwork circle is one line that wraps around itself continuously. It’s hard to draw knotwork with a dry erase board pen!


Author: Rayce, USA.

AWftWP: I can’t decide what I like better, the week and a half at Microsoft waiting for a computer, or the fact that it was your boss who took the picture. Priceless!

From the email:

Hi I made this office flower at work using pencil shaving, pin with a rounded blue end, cellophane tape highlighted in green, and the work is held with blue tack stuck onto a Stabilo Boss highlighter cap. Took 15 mins or so. Hope you like it.



Author: Daniel, Malaysia

AWftWP: I was reading an email from a kind reader that pointed out some problem with the blog feeds (thanks again, Amy) that is now sorted. She said about the works on display here: “They provide inspiration & hope.” Those were the two words that started to come up recurringly in my mind when we started to receive submissions (never enough of those, so please help us!, and those are definitely the best words to describe today’s masterpiece. Thank you.

By the way, Daniel, why did you name the pictures in Spanish? Why not flowers?

In a more festive note, today they made us read the “Dressing Code” at the bank, which includes a detailed list of do’s and dont’s, leaving out a big grey area with for example ponchos. Are they acceptable? I am still undecided about what to wear tomorrow: should I wear a kilt or go directly to the point with a speedo? Decisions, decisions, decisions…

From the email:

Hi. What an excellent site. I imagine that you are only beginning to access the untapped riches of art made while bored at work. Here’s my contribution:


Only *some* of the cutouts I made at work, using workplace materials, at a job I absolutely could not stand. The place was run by a fireplug-shaped madman who sweat and yelled constantly. Time: countless hours.
More at

Author: Ním, USA.

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