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From the email:

These are my little hobbies at work..just twisty ties and time…
And thanks it will be sweet to see my creations on your site. I’m sure more will come, I’m working on a boat right now



Author: Billy, Memphis, TN. USA.

AWftWP: These masterpieces remind me of that story that went around a few months ago about a wire-frame Subaru Impreza that some artist placed in the street in front of an art gallery. Apparently it even got some parking tickets!


From the email:

I don’t know if this counts but here’s the story…

A few years ago I was a design co-op at Hasbro Inc. [I didn’t know the company; it’s this one] in Providence, RI. I was assigned to the Star Wars team, something a lot of people would give a limb for and I thought I was one of them until I got there. They don’t really do anything except manage artists/designers outside of Hasbro. I would ask for work on a daily basis my first 3 weeks there and on occasion they would have me fill out a spread sheet that would take 5 minutes. I gave up and decided they could come to me when they wanted something done (that never happened). So, I ended up screwing around a lot on the internet and working on my personal portfolio but my pod was in a high traffic area. I needed something to block everyone’s view without people instantly noticing, “Hey! He’s trying to block our view!” So I give you – Foam Core Saloon Doors!

It got a lot of laughs and about 10 minutes after they were put up my boss came over and asked if I needed work. It was one of the last times I saw him in my last two months there.

The doors are made from 11×17″ prints of a wood texture found on, spray mounted onto foam core board and hung with packaging tape and thumb tacks.

Saloon doors

Author: Gabe, USA.

AWftWP: Very crafty solution to the intruding glances. It definitely sounds like a dream job, but I guess one should not underestimate the ability of an organization gone wrong to mess up anything and everything. I mean, I know my own job is boring, and I can imagine working in a call centre is not all that fun, but it really breaks my heart to find that not even a job in the design team for the department dealing with Star Wars in a toy company is bore-free.

I am beginning to lose the faith…

From the email:

Hi!, I have been seeing your blog and I find it very interesting, I send you 4 drawings that I did while I was bored in my job and congratulations on your blog!!
They are all made on paper and pencil.



Author: Heizel, Guatemala.

AWftWP: Is it just me or does anyone else notice a Japanese influence in these drawings?

From the email:

Took about 25 minutes to make the robot and film. The robot was a cutout from, who encourages this kind of thing. The propellant is one of those gas dusters.

Oh yeah, that’s art.

I worked with a girl in an office job and we never did much of anything but annoy the neighbors and throw paper airplanes, not to avoid work, but there wasn’t much to do. I still work for the same company, but a different department which is too busy for mayhem.

No name, okay? Thanks

Author: Anonymous as requested. I don’t even know the country this comes from, but the author was recently on a holiday trip to Italy.

AWftWP: You wouldn’t believe how hard it has been to get this post up. I have to thank the author for all the effort, which in this case go well beyond the obvious.

Other than that I would like to comment on the wonderful launch pit that the cubicle walls make. I am sure whichever twisted mind first thought of those evil contraptions that surround and isolate so many people on a daily basis, could have never imagined this. Yet another great example of people prevailing on their fight over that explosive mix of stupidity and authority that in this case lead to those walls. Pure genius.

From the email:


I came across your site, its great!

I have an addition: this is commando. From a bag of 50 army men, this was the only one in that pose. Firstly, I drew camoflage on him with a permanent marker. Then over time, commando’s image improved. A rambo-esq headband, some war medals, night vision goggles, etc. Then came the accessories – metal detecting gear, a parachute, a rocket launcher, a tank… The tank took a few hours, made out of cardboard and pen lids.

This is not just my creation, my mate got into it as well. As you could imagine, we were fairly bored at work…




Author: Bryan & mate, Australia.

AWftWP: Australia strikes back. And how! Today’s post tells us about how boredom can lead to creativity – nothing unusual. But it also tells us of that next step of using your creations to have fun with. Tomorrow we will have another great example of this with what will be our first (and hopefully not last) video. Play on!

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