From the email:

Hi! I arrived to your site from oink weblog. I have being browsing around haha I loved it, specially the dictionary of death. So I have thought I´d send some stuff in. They are not done in working hours but in lecture and (supposed) study time. Some are pictures from last year’s diary, I drew, or I tried during the lectures and afterwards if I liked something I cut it out and glued it there. The other thing is a bigger drawing that I started to make some time ago, every time I set to study I end up doodling anywhere… I had the idea to do a kind of a “giant doodle” to see what came out of it Every day I have been doing a bit, whatever I came up with on the moment… it helps to relax by the way haha. It is not finished yet but I have finished the exams and I don’t have lectures either (from this year I do distance learning) so most likely it will stay as it is…for a long while, I hope. I don’t know if you’llfind it useful for the blog but anyway, the intention is what counts. Ah! a curious question, why is the blog in Spanish and there are only submissions from British or American people? ( I have seen it is also in English, so the question would be why have you done it also in Spanish? haha Well, good luck with the blog, kisses



Leyendo al viento


El gigante2

El gigante1

Author: Elena.

AWftWP: Many drawings and many thanks… and some questions Let’s see, the languages. We are two Spanish brothers living in the UK. For us the natural option was to write it in Spanish (easier), but it being a blog that depends upon people’s collaboration, it is better to write in English. The audience is much larger and therefore also the chances to receive submissions. It looks like we got that right. And in Spanish for the same reason: in order to reach more people – although between us I must confess that translating every day is too much like hard work.

And now I have a question for you: who drew the guy playing sax, Elena or Julia? Because you say its yours, but the note at the bottom would suggest otherwise…