From the email:

I don’t know if this counts but here’s the story…

A few years ago I was a design co-op at Hasbro Inc. [I didn’t know the company; it’s this one] in Providence, RI. I was assigned to the Star Wars team, something a lot of people would give a limb for and I thought I was one of them until I got there. They don’t really do anything except manage artists/designers outside of Hasbro. I would ask for work on a daily basis my first 3 weeks there and on occasion they would have me fill out a spread sheet that would take 5 minutes. I gave up and decided they could come to me when they wanted something done (that never happened). So, I ended up screwing around a lot on the internet and working on my personal portfolio but my pod was in a high traffic area. I needed something to block everyone’s view without people instantly noticing, “Hey! He’s trying to block our view!” So I give you – Foam Core Saloon Doors!

It got a lot of laughs and about 10 minutes after they were put up my boss came over and asked if I needed work. It was one of the last times I saw him in my last two months there.

The doors are made from 11×17″ prints of a wood texture found on, spray mounted onto foam core board and hung with packaging tape and thumb tacks.

Saloon doors

Author: Gabe, USA.

AWftWP: Very crafty solution to the intruding glances. It definitely sounds like a dream job, but I guess one should not underestimate the ability of an organization gone wrong to mess up anything and everything. I mean, I know my own job is boring, and I can imagine working in a call centre is not all that fun, but it really breaks my heart to find that not even a job in the design team for the department dealing with Star Wars in a toy company is bore-free.

I am beginning to lose the faith…