From the email:

Took about 25 minutes to make the robot and film. The robot was a cutout from, who encourages this kind of thing. The propellant is one of those gas dusters.

Oh yeah, that’s art.

I worked with a girl in an office job and we never did much of anything but annoy the neighbors and throw paper airplanes, not to avoid work, but there wasn’t much to do. I still work for the same company, but a different department which is too busy for mayhem.

No name, okay? Thanks

Author: Anonymous as requested. I don’t even know the country this comes from, but the author was recently on a holiday trip to Italy.

AWftWP: You wouldn’t believe how hard it has been to get this post up. I have to thank the author for all the effort, which in this case go well beyond the obvious.

Other than that I would like to comment on the wonderful launch pit that the cubicle walls make. I am sure whichever twisted mind first thought of those evil contraptions that surround and isolate so many people on a daily basis, could have never imagined this. Yet another great example of people prevailing on their fight over that explosive mix of stupidity and authority that in this case lead to those walls. Pure genius.