From the email:


I came across your site, its great!

I have an addition: this is commando. From a bag of 50 army men, this was the only one in that pose. Firstly, I drew camoflage on him with a permanent marker. Then over time, commando’s image improved. A rambo-esq headband, some war medals, night vision goggles, etc. Then came the accessories – metal detecting gear, a parachute, a rocket launcher, a tank… The tank took a few hours, made out of cardboard and pen lids.

This is not just my creation, my mate got into it as well. As you could imagine, we were fairly bored at work…




Author: Bryan & mate, Australia.

AWftWP: Australia strikes back. And how! Today’s post tells us about how boredom can lead to creativity – nothing unusual. But it also tells us of that next step of using your creations to have fun with. Tomorrow we will have another great example of this with what will be our first (and hopefully not last) video. Play on!