From the email:

Hi I made this office flower at work using pencil shaving, pin with a rounded blue end, cellophane tape highlighted in green, and the work is held with blue tack stuck onto a Stabilo Boss highlighter cap. Took 15 mins or so. Hope you like it.



Author: Daniel, Malaysia

AWftWP: I was reading an email from a kind reader that pointed out some problem with the blog feeds (thanks again, Amy) that is now sorted. She said about the works on display here: “They provide inspiration & hope.” Those were the two words that started to come up recurringly in my mind when we started to receive submissions (never enough of those, so please help us!, and those are definitely the best words to describe today’s masterpiece. Thank you.

By the way, Daniel, why did you name the pictures in Spanish? Why not flowers?

In a more festive note, today they made us read the “Dressing Code” at the bank, which includes a detailed list of do’s and dont’s, leaving out a big grey area with for example ponchos. Are they acceptable? I am still undecided about what to wear tomorrow: should I wear a kilt or go directly to the point with a speedo? Decisions, decisions, decisions…