From the email:

My name’s Dan. I’m a standup comic, student, and often bouncer at dive bars and comedy clubs.

I don’t know if it’s my workplace, per se, but I drew these throughout godawfully boring lectures at Northeastern University.





I’m studying Philosophy. It’s exhaustingly boring. I haven’t a website or anything, unfortunately. Nor’ve I any formal training. I just draw shapes and connect them. Like a homeless person might were he given pens and lined paper. Thanks for everything, I love the site and appreciate the time and everything.

I had this Mountain Goats song stuck in my head during something about Descartes. I’m pretty fond of it.


Author: Dan, USA

AWftWP: Descartes boring? At least the guy did have a point sometimes. He was French, granted, but I would personally class him as one of the scarce good French. Wait until you get to Kant or Spinoza…

And for the record, this is not an exception: universities are the workplaces of students.  I have tried them and they are not very different from a boring job: one of the measures of performance is that you have to “be there”…