From the email:

Hi! I like your idea for this blog, especially as I work on the weekends as a receptionist in a nursing home (I live there too), it can get rather boring between calls and so I draw my fellow residents that are sitting in the lobby to pass the time, we have a good time talking as I sketch, it makes the job much more fun! here are a few to share

I’m happy to join the gang of bored office workers on your site, I’ve been looking in and I must say, what a very inventive creative bunch! I love the dragon filtered with color through the plastic bottle, how clever was that! and also the eraser sculpture, those are my favorites so far, looking forward to more!

Danny, Eugene on the elevator in the background and the security guard beside me talking on his cell phone, they are all bored, I would be too if not for drawing!

General view

Billy keeps the job interesting, he now requests to get drawn, he is keeping a tally, there are about 40 portraits now

Bill Hayes

Annie made things interesting when she started to come down dressed for the holiday or season, there were rabbit ears for easter, pina colata sun glasses for the summer, a few others I can’t remember, here of course she’s ready for x-mas.

Annie Candycane

ps and I have a website where I post a drawing a day if you’d like a link to me,

Author: Cindy, USA.

AWftWP: I love the perspective you give to the works with that section of the reception desk up front, with your log books, calendars, and so on. It gives the pictures a whole new atmosphere, and I guess that is what it’s all about, since this is ArtWork from the WorkPlace… And I love the portraits. Say hello to Danny, Eugene, Billy, Annie, and the guard from me. I hope to help to make today, at least, a bit less boring.

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