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I work on organizing asset files, cross referencing with portfolio managers and administrative admins, and updating a new database program but for the most part, I spend time here and there dosing off.

Well, when I’m not sleeping on the job, I collect office supplies and draw pictures on post it notes. It helps to pass the time, and, well, make my cubicle look a bit more colorful.

Here’s what I use: Post its, ball point pens, pencils sharpies, highlighters, and white out. Its amazing the numerous amount of colors you can get from mixing and matching just a few office supplies here and there.


And here’s what I do:Marvel


I have since been fired… But that’s a good! Work was boring anyways!

Here’s me about… several months ago. Yeah, I’m long gone from that job, so its okay [to put up my picture]

Me at work

Author: Larry, USA.

AWftWP: That is exactly the spirit. Larry, when I grow up I wanna be like you. Really. “I have since been fired… But that’s a good! Work was boring anyways!” Reminds me of a passage in one of Scott Adam’s books were he described how the power imbalance between employer and employee doesn’t favour the companies any longer in certain jobs. The idea is that for jobs such as store assistant the employee knows he can get a new job any time, while the manager knows it will be hard to find another person to do the job. The result: employees in such industries don’t have to put up with too much crap anymore; and managers in such industries know they have to be careful…

Larry, congratulations on your move, and thank you for your artwork and your story. Very inspiring for all of us. Specially for me…

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