From the email:

this is a two person collaboration. one of us never throws away the little scraps of paper from the copy room. the other is always trying to get the first to throw the annoying things away. so i convinced her if we took a picture of it, it would fulfill its potential artness and we could throw it away. this took less than 5 minutes of work. but more than a week of “discussion.”


Authors: Matt and a colleague, USA.

AWftWP: This work reminds me of some drawings I saw from a relative of mine that I never knew. his name was Jose María Navascués. He was also an artist, but he did it full time – and with some success until he decided to quit altogether. I can’t find a picture to link to, but there was this series of drawings of a twisted piece of cloth tied to a wooden frame that looked much like this. And hey, some of his works are in the regional Museum of Fine Art along with a Picasso, no less… Simple and beautiful; you should be proud. Thanks for sharing it with all of us.

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