From the email:

Technique: Notepad, Staple Remover, and Pen
Work Place: Office
Declared Time: 1 min
p.s. Nice website! However, you guys do need a new website logo. The Broadway font is just killing me. 😉

The Decleater

Author: K. Irvine, CA.

AWftWP: That postscript in the email refers, of course, to the old logo, and it prompted an exchange of emails; in the end our good K sent us the new logo that you’ve been seen at the top of the page for a few weeks.

K not only sent in this very imaginative work that I loved the minute I saw it, but he did it in just one minute. And the next day he sent us the new logo. I suspect K is a devout follower of some of those productivity blogs and he applies everything he learns there…

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