From the email:

The file titled “zombiejesus” is my Easter greeting to my myspace friends. Time: 60 minutes
“Snoggingtons” is a party invitation from my housewarming party. My roomate brewed some beer that we neamed “Snoggingtons” because it was a clone of Boddingtons. Time: 90 minutes
And “New Year” was a graphic that went on the invitation to my new years eve party. Time: 45 minutes

All of these were done during “work” using Adobe Photoshop.



New Year

Author: Jason, USA.

AWftWP: This was one unexpected submission, and this is what I told Jason when we first received it:

To be completely honest, seeing it I am having second thoughts about whether I want to include computer art in my exhibitions. I guess it just looks too professional. But don’t worry, I will not make a decision before posting your submission.

So just for the record, please don’t send any more in.

That said, I can think of no better reason to make an exception. These are beautiful pieces from somebody with a busy social life, plus a job, that still finds time to share with us the joy of his artwork. Thank you very much for that.

And you know you can be as awsome as Jason; just send in your (non-Photoshop) masterpieces to