From the email:

I myself am one of the thousands imprisoned in the daily hell known as ‘work’ as some randow administrative assistant (oh yeah..) and have countless doodles on excel spreadsheets to prove it. I thought I’d send you my masterpiece though; a paper Datusn 510 that I printed (on the excellent company color printer, of course), meticulously cut out and glued together. It was probably the most fun I had at work in a while… Oy. Anyways; I’m off to Art School in a few months but until then i’ll be toughin’ it out here. Will I make it??? Gah! here is the link to the paper cars:

A little backstory: This site was put together by MY brother Alex (its a family affair, eh?). He designed the website for The California Melee, which is a yearly vintage car rally in California. So he’s the one who inspired me to make some paper cars. Not only that, he has an Orange Datsun just like the paper one I made, which I had the pleasure to drive for some time (while my junky car was dead…). As homage he customized one of the paper cars to look just like his. Hence, the Orange Datsun you see in the picture i sent. (note: the plans for the orange datsun i made can be found on the page i sent you. its in a secret spot! can you find it? hint: top right corner of the page…) So thats why I made it, because it got me around town and its extremely cool and fun, and i was extremely bored and sad at work. So thats my story.

I encourage you and everyone you know to make some paper cars [my brother] has linked on his site. Most of the sites are in Japanese but that doesnt matter at all. The templates are just pictures, written in the universal language of ‘fun’. All you need is the template, scissors, glue and the will and voila; you’re done!

Paper Datsun

Author: Marnie, USA. If you want to know more about her, go to her website.

AWftWP: Marnie, I know you’ll make it in art school if you just try a bit. Shouldn’t be hard for you, considering the talent you displayed in this masterpiece. And thank you for the link. I am sure most of the readership of this blog connects in working hours, and there’s no doubt that your invitation to follow in your footsteps will be gladly accepted by some.

And of course, if you are one of those inspired by Marnie’s example, don’t be shy! Send us a picture of your achievement to