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i’m a cartoonist at a newspaper so meetings for me are sketchfests… this is from a meeting from last year— it is a rendering i did of myself and of where i was sitting in said meeting…

i’m not sure if a lot was accomplished in that meeting, but i do know that as it progressed, my co-workers were much more interested in what i was doing that what was being said at the meeting. i love my job.

i eventually took that sketch and turned in into a 24×36 painting that i have hanging in my cubicle…just to remind me more of that day…

The sketch

The painting

Author: Frank, USA. And there’s a site full of his work here!

AWftWP: And this only goes to show why meetings should not be used to make it look like something is happening, but to actually get things to happen. I love the expresion in that face: lost and resigned, patiently waiting for it all to be over.

Since you sound doubtful about it, let me make this point clear: a lot was acomplished in the meeting. Unexpectedly, but that’s exactly the point. I love it. Thank you for this.

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