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From the email:

This was done with pixie stix and my drivers license. I work in a call center doing tech support and it kept me from jumping out the window. At the end of my shift, a co-worker came over with a cup, used my license to shovel the sugary dust into it and threw it back in one gulp. He told me the next day he hadn’t been able to sleep that night. I wonder why… Oh.. and estimated time was about 6 hours.

Bored at work

Author: Rayce, unknown location Washington State.

AWftWP: I am still trying to make up my mind whether I like better the story or the artwork. Thanks so much. Another great example of human achievement in the face of adversity. Absolutely beautiful. And six hours to make; not bad at all. I guess this is further proof of what I said on Tuesday about the phone being a great ally of workplace artwork.

We should all, and specially those working in callcentres, pray that the companies don’t ever realise there are a couple of free hands for every operator they hire. If they do they may well put them all to sew wallets while on thephone. Can you imagine that? Call centre and sweatshop combined into one.

I’m sure they’d spend a couple of decades praising the hindsight of the visionary that made shuch thing possible…