From the email:

Hi, a friend of mine found your site and referred me to it since she knows I like to doodle and do other artwork when I’m stressed at work, or “busy bored”.

The pieces titled “Fish” and “Serenade” were done with some scraps of construction paper and bulletin board supplies left behind by a project from an old employee.

If I’m feeling stressed out at work, I’ll grab a scrap of paper and draw stuff. Sometimes all it takes is a Post-It note. It’s usually a memory that popped into my head or a feeling I want to express through art. The artwork I made with scraps of paper was something that just happened for a few days. I had the scraps, and I just arranged the stuff on some paper.



Author: Tara, USA

AWftWP: Art as a way to fight stress. I am sure I don’t make a discovery and it probably is even a branch on psycology, but still I find it strange. And while this happens, what does the organization do? I am starting to suspect that those bosses we suspected to be a bunch of sadistic creeps are in fact sensitive souls that enjoy this creation, They abuse and bore their staff so that they are able to enjoy their artwork secretly afterwards.

This would explain many things, no doubt. There’s only one way to test this theory: next time you feel like killing your boss, show him/her this site. If they are the high spirits my theory supposes they will leave you alone and just check this blog religiously to get their dose of artistry. If not, you’ll have proven me wrong.