From the email:

Technique: placement of boring bits on unpopulated PCB
Workplace: Unsupervised tech workshop
Time: 3 minutes

Author: Paul, New Zealand

AWftWP: We have chosen to post this submission first because it doesn’t come from an office. Some of you may have noticed all the posts so far are tagged ‘Office’. This was something we were hoping we had a chance to amend, and Paul has been very generous helping us out.

I asked a friend of mine by the initials ISR, who works in a workshop, to submit something as I was sure they would have some great examples there, but he said people in workshops did not waste their time like that. Well, Mr ISR, I am extremely glad to show you how wrong you were.

And Paul, please relax. Take it easy, man. Just three minutes!? I could have spent a three lifetimes trying to do something like that. Granted I am no artist, but still, there was no rush. Anyhow, my congratulations for transforming those “boring bits” into this beautiful masterpiece, and for sharing it with us. From myself and everyone reading this blog, thank you.

Finally, to all of you in this fine audience, please don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this worthy project, and email us your masterpieces: