I have been speechless for the last couple of days, but it’s time to step forward and say something. To say a big THANK YOU, basically.

I obviously liked the idea of making a blog dedicated to the fine examples of craftsmanship I come across in my office. I first thought the blog would survive for a couple of months if I managed to get friends and family to send me some pictures. I thought we may even get some kind strangers to send something in, who knows? So I gathered together some examples and started publishing as soon as I felt we had enough material for the first few posts.

After the second post I started leaving some comments here and there, and harassed my friends to help out sending some photographs and showing the site in their workplaces. Then, all of a sudden, the miracle happened: Neatorama featured us on Thursday 26th. I guess they were the ones that got the ball rolling, and since then this blog has been posted about in a few other places (even in Icelandic, how awesome is that!?!); got listed in a Brazilian site that has been sending quite a bit of traffic (Muito obrigado); and featured in some German videoblog for a few seconds (2:32 – 2:43). I don’t have a clue what that woman is saying, but it sounds… strange. Anyone out there can translate? Hey!, I even have noticed some people suscribing to the blog using those feed readers, which given our track record so far (three posts at highly irregular intervals) is an overwhelming proof of faith – we’ll try to not let you down.

More importantly we have received some emails with amazing works of art. Don’t get me wrong, we are not nearly over flooded so please do keep those emails coming in – but we have a good bunch of fine masterpieces, so we have decided to make a few changes here, hopefully for the better: first, there will be one daily post Monday-Friday; just a daily dose of hope and inspiration to help us all cope with our jobs. Also, reading those emails with their anonymous stories I have found them just as compelling as the art itself, so I will be sharing them with you as well. If you decide to send a picture, we’d love it if you could take two minutes to tell us your story.

And finally there is the technical side of things. I have to apologise for the look of this very modest blog. There are some changes we want to make, but neither me nor my brother (this is a joint project) are specially good with computers, so it may take a while. Please be patient.

True to the spirit of the blog, I am writing the text for this post while at work on Saturday morning (overtime, more pay – you know how it goes…). [though I reviewed it a few times at home]  As a little homage to the first source of inspiration, the colleagues that have produced most of the artwork featured so far, I have put together a little shrine under my monitor and this is what it looks like right now:

Desktop Shrine

I can hear the gnashing of teeth in envy 🙂

The Blu-Tack figurines were planned for the next post with the Title “Angry demonstrators”. The Banner is written in Gujarati (an Indian language) and they tell me it reads “Find a new job”. The rest you probably recognise.

And that’s all we wanted to say, really. Thank you all again from myself and my brother, and we hope to see you around and even hear from you if you feel like it. Thank you.

I better get back to my work now…