Welcome to this humble gallery where you can enjoy a selection of works from anonymous masters of present times. The process that the artists subject themselves to in order to create these fine works, is arguably the most strenuous and demanding in the History of Art. These works arise in part out of stress and depression, but mainly out of boredom.

If absinthe consumption is held partly responsible for Van Gogh’s style and LSD was responsible for the raise of psychedelia, there is also a very particular excess that has a direct influence in the works you will see here: our artists have a job!

May these images serve as a chant to the triumph of human spirit against adversity!

On a final note, I’d like to bring to your attention that today’s exhibition marks our first external collaboration. If you want to join Mark in our Hall of Glory, or if you know someone that deserves it, you know what to do: just take a picture and send it to: artworkfromtheworkplace@gmail.com.

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Title: Top Cat


Technique: Blu Tack (marketed as Fun-Tak in the USA, says Wikipedia)
WorkPlace: Office
Estimated Time: 30 min

Title: Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes

Technique: Pencil and yellow highlighter on a white legal pad.
WorkPlace: Office (meeting room)
Declared Time: 60 min – the whole meeting

From the artist: The meeting was a couple of years ago, so I don’t even remember what it was about. This page was the sum total of my notes, though, so it must not have been too informative. Most of our meetings are an hour, so I imagine this one was, too. I’m sure no PowerPoint presentation was involved. For some reason, this company just doesn’t have the ‘PowerPoint Culture’ that many companies do. I understand it’s popular among upper management, though. And I’m pretty sure this drawing was probably the most useful thing to come out of that meeting. [emphasis added]

Title: Swans

Swan Lake

Technique: Some old fax report and colour markers
WorkPlace: Office
Estimated Time: 20 min

Last but of course not least, I am glad to bring you today the first part of a work that in all justice deserves a special exhibition just for itself. But who said I was fair? Some time ago two enterprising young men (Mike n Lee) trapped in an office job they could not dislike more, set themselves the target of illustrating the letters of the alphabet, and thus a quite peculiar dictionary was created. Here is the world premiere of the finished result. Ladies and gentlemen, behold!:

Title: Dictionary of Death and Doooom