Welcome back to this new blog devoted to bringing to the light and divulging that glorious yet unplanned byproduct of todays jobs. The place where the outcome of your most fruitful efforts, those you feel you have to hide from your boss, can shine in full splendour; the place where your anonymous artistry can finally be enjoyed by the masses.

Here you won’t be judged: just admired. Go ahead and free yourself (and your art) of the burden of secrecy. Just take a picture and send it to us here. And if you have been discretely admiring some of your colleagues’ best works show them your respect by getting their work in this highly exclusive art gallery. Among the masters where it belongs.

Here it is now for you all to enjoy, a new issue from ArtWork from the WorkPlace!

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Title: Dino


Technique: Cardboard, glue, stapler, and scissors
WorkPlace: Office
Declared Time: 75 min

Made for a colleague’s daughter school competition. The kids were meant to make an animal using an egg. The egg was later placed as the head of the dinosaur, and painted. Surprisingly this masterwork did not win. Probably other parents had more time to spare in their workplaces…

Title: Monsterball


Technique: Promotional stress-release ball, Tipp-ex, color pens
WorkPlace: Office
Estimated Time: 40 min

Title: Post its

Post-its 2

Technique: Pen on Post-Its
WorkPlace: Office
Estimated Time: 35 min

Title: Mouse mat 1

Mouse mat 1

Technique: Mouse mat and pens
WorkPlace: Office
Estimated Time: 60 min