From the email:

These are my little hobbies at work..just twisty ties and time…
And thanks it will be sweet to see my creations on your site. I’m sure more will come, I’m working on a boat right now



Author: Billy, Memphis, TN. USA.

AWftWP: These masterpieces remind me of that story that went around a few months ago about a wire-frame Subaru Impreza that some artist placed in the street in front of an art gallery. Apparently it even got some parking tickets!

Well, it’s been a really nice trip over the last few weeks, but we seem to have reached a turning point: we don’t have submissions to go on with a daily post, so some changes are needed. Experience has proven it too ambitious, but I think it was worth a try.

The idea for the blog is good, and I can say this with some detachment because it was not mine, but my brother’s. It is good enough to move people from around the world to send in their works (thank you); even a kind soul was inspired to design us a header just for the sake of it… (thank you) And we have enjoyed some very nice exposure, including of course Neatorama (the first, and what first), Ze Frank (the one I am most proud of), and a good bunch of other blogs and even video blogs. So what happened?

I read on a post a couple of days ago that this was a blog about what people used to do before the Internet, and it is very true that with Internet access in the workplace the amount of time dedicated to artistic creation has gone down drastically. I can quote no studies on the matter, but as my father says, what is evident needs no demonstration.

But that’s only a partial explanation, and also an easy excuse. I have no doubt that another cause of this situation was poor execution, and as you probably noticed already there has been quite a bit of that. Looking back there are things that we should have done differently. There has been some technical limitations, or rather limitations due to our ignorance of technical issues. And there is of course the eternal question How do I get people to ________? In our case send in pictures of their artwork.

I honestly don’t know, but all suggestions are very welcome.

So where are we going from here? I don’t think it is realistic to commit to any periodicity. For the time being we will go back to the pre-Neatorama origins and keep posting as often as the submissions allow it.


Just one last daily post that might make someone happy. I didn’t intend to use this submission as it is not what the blog is about, but there’s no need to take it so seriously.

From the email:

My name is Heather Mack and I am 8 years old. I am good at artwork. I would like to share my creation with you.

Having fun at the beach

Author: Heather, Charlottesville,VA. USA.

Title: Having fun at the beach

AWftWP: Well, it looks like someone is ready to enter the job market. Heather, run for your life! No, well, it’s not that bad. It is just… well, boring.

From the email:

Hi! I arrived to your site from oink weblog. I have being browsing around haha I loved it, specially the dictionary of death. So I have thought I´d send some stuff in. They are not done in working hours but in lecture and (supposed) study time. Some are pictures from last year’s diary, I drew, or I tried during the lectures and afterwards if I liked something I cut it out and glued it there. The other thing is a bigger drawing that I started to make some time ago, every time I set to study I end up doodling anywhere… I had the idea to do a kind of a “giant doodle” to see what came out of it Every day I have been doing a bit, whatever I came up with on the moment… it helps to relax by the way haha. It is not finished yet but I have finished the exams and I don’t have lectures either (from this year I do distance learning) so most likely it will stay as it is…for a long while, I hope. I don’t know if you’llfind it useful for the blog but anyway, the intention is what counts. Ah! a curious question, why is the blog in Spanish and there are only submissions from British or American people? ( I have seen it is also in English, so the question would be why have you done it also in Spanish? haha Well, good luck with the blog, kisses



Leyendo al viento


El gigante2

El gigante1

Author: Elena.

AWftWP: Many drawings and many thanks… and some questions Let’s see, the languages. We are two Spanish brothers living in the UK. For us the natural option was to write it in Spanish (easier), but it being a blog that depends upon people’s collaboration, it is better to write in English. The audience is much larger and therefore also the chances to receive submissions. It looks like we got that right. And in Spanish for the same reason: in order to reach more people – although between us I must confess that translating every day is too much like hard work.

And now I have a question for you: who drew the guy playing sax, Elena or Julia? Because you say its yours, but the note at the bottom would suggest otherwise…

From the email:

I don’t know if this counts but here’s the story…

A few years ago I was a design co-op at Hasbro Inc. [I didn’t know the company; it’s this one] in Providence, RI. I was assigned to the Star Wars team, something a lot of people would give a limb for and I thought I was one of them until I got there. They don’t really do anything except manage artists/designers outside of Hasbro. I would ask for work on a daily basis my first 3 weeks there and on occasion they would have me fill out a spread sheet that would take 5 minutes. I gave up and decided they could come to me when they wanted something done (that never happened). So, I ended up screwing around a lot on the internet and working on my personal portfolio but my pod was in a high traffic area. I needed something to block everyone’s view without people instantly noticing, “Hey! He’s trying to block our view!” So I give you – Foam Core Saloon Doors!

It got a lot of laughs and about 10 minutes after they were put up my boss came over and asked if I needed work. It was one of the last times I saw him in my last two months there.

The doors are made from 11×17″ prints of a wood texture found on, spray mounted onto foam core board and hung with packaging tape and thumb tacks.

Saloon doors

Author: Gabe, USA.

AWftWP: Very crafty solution to the intruding glances. It definitely sounds like a dream job, but I guess one should not underestimate the ability of an organization gone wrong to mess up anything and everything. I mean, I know my own job is boring, and I can imagine working in a call centre is not all that fun, but it really breaks my heart to find that not even a job in the design team for the department dealing with Star Wars in a toy company is bore-free.

I am beginning to lose the faith…

From the email:

Hi!, I have been seeing your blog and I find it very interesting, I send you 4 drawings that I did while I was bored in my job and congratulations on your blog!!
They are all made on paper and pencil.



Author: Heizel, Guatemala.

AWftWP: Is it just me or does anyone else notice a Japanese influence in these drawings?

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